Walking Towards Christmas

The only Scottish link to Greenwich I can think of at the moment is that the Cutty Sark gets her name from a poem by Robbie Burns. However, I am sure there are more.

Tomorrow is of course St Andrew’s Day. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland. Why the Greenwich links? Well, that’s where I shall be guiding in the morning.

It’s a public walk, so anyone can join me for a modest fee (£10 plus £5.50 for the boat from Tower Pier). I’ll be outside Tower Hill tube station by the Tramshed Coffee stop for 10.30.

Afterwards I am planning to visit the Plague, Fire and Revolution at the National Maritime Museum. I’ve been really looking forward to this one, and it has had wonderful reviews.

The boat that takes us to Greenwich is owned and crewed by City Cruises. The watermen are a chatty bunch who study for years to gain the qualifications to helm us safely on the Thames. City Cruises is based at Bermondsey, and on Thursday morning I have my first turn at the revised and revamped Bermondsey walk. It is starting from Bermondsey tube at 10.30, and having walked the new route, I think it’s going to be great, even better than the old version if that’s possible. We’ll even go to Cherry Gardens Pier where City Cruises moor up.


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Done Shopping, Come Roaming

Sunday, a day of rest. Do you really want to toiling round a hot shopping centre when you could be Roaming by the River or doing the London Wall Walk with me?

The river is the Thames, the reason why London exists. This walk is subtitled Fish and Ships which probably explains all you need to know.
The Romans built the first wall, more as a status symbol than for defensive purposes, and we cross the City from East to West within its boundaries.

It’s not a hard choice now is it?
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Working River Thames

When the Jubilee Flotilla progressed down the Thames a few weeks ago it was a reminder of how the Thames was the super highway that linked London to the rest of the world.

Today, there are far fewer boats, but if you look, you may be surprised at the number of working vessels.

Working Vessel

Bring your camera on Sunday morning’s guided walk from Monument station at 10.45.

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