Walks Week Commencing 8th December 2014; Stonehenge, Salisbury, British Museum, Bermondsey for Starters

Wow, it is no time at all until Christmas.

If you are wondering what to do on Boxing Day, how about a City walk? Walk off the turkey and the Christmas pud with this special walk. There are limited places, so book in advance. Click here for details.

Those of you who joined me yesterday for the Walworth walk may have completed your Christmas shopping away from the crowds at the artists’ open studios.

If you missed it, make a note in your diary for next year. Continue reading “Walks Week Commencing 8th December 2014; Stonehenge, Salisbury, British Museum, Bermondsey for Starters”

St John’s Cyclists

I was outside St Paul’s this morning, waiting for a family who had booked a guided tour of the cathedral and its environs with me, when three chaps rode up on their bikes.

They chatted a while, and then asked me to take a picture. I complied and asked them what the occasion was.

St John's Cyclists
St John’s Cyclists
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Not One, But THREE Public Walks This Weekend!

I don’t know, you’ll think I’m spoiling you; three public walks in two days? Let’s hit the pavements. Bring the Ferrero Rocher if you like.

First up is the Walworth Walk on Saturday morning, exploring a part of Londfon that has remained remarkably undiscovered despite its central location. We meet outside Kennington tube for 10.45 and finish at some lovely artists studios which are open this weekend. There’s an attendant café, so you can lunch and mooch.

Or maybe you’ll want to leap on the number 40 bus to join me for The Old City walk at Tower Hill for 2pm.

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City Views

May is flying by. I have been out and about, and snapping some pictures of London between walks. Maybe I’ll take some more of the City this Sunday when I am leading two walks in the Square Mile: Roaming Down by the River, and The London Wall Walk
Both smashers in my opinion.
Further details below these photos.

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Amazing Grace: a Guided Walk, Saturday 12th January 2013

Tomorrow I am leading a walk in the City called Amazing Grace. It’s subject is the Abolition of the Slave Trade in the British Empire.
The history of the Slave Trade is hardly the most glorious in human history. Some twelve million Africans were loaded onto ships, transported in horrifying conditions to lives of slavery in North America and the West Indies.
It was a massive commercial operation bringing misery and wealth in equal measure.
The UK’s part in the Slave Trade is well known. Although slaves were not brought here, the money they earned those involved in the trade affected every level of society. Continue reading “Amazing Grace: a Guided Walk, Saturday 12th January 2013”

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