Visiting Buckingham Palace

The Queen is away enjoying the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and sneaking into an athlete’s selfie. She was in london on Wednesday, that I know, because I took a group to the guard change and the royal standard was flying above Buckingham Palace.

The guard change is something that never fails to delight. Maybe it’s something to do with AA Milne.

Guard Change
Guard Change
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London 2012 Begins

They’ve started, and wasn’t the opening ceremony amazing? My favourite part was the Queen whisking off with James Bond and elbowing him out of the way to parachute into the stadium. If y missed it, here’s your chance to see it again. uk-19018666
The Queen is due at the Olympic Stadium shortly. She has some stamina. I was very tired at the end of the Opening Ceremony, and had a late start this morning and I’m not eighty-six.

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