Walking Walworth

It was Walworth Heritage Day today, organised by the Walworth Society. My Blue Badge colleague Kim and I led two walks in the morning. Shelagh, the guide who had worked with me to devise the walk, was unfortunately not able to be in London this weekend.

The weather was unpromising to begin with, clammy and humid. Then the heavens opened. Local MP Simon Hughes joined my group as I did an extended introduction from the shelter of the railway arch.

But rain did not stop play, and both Kim and I had the satisfaction of positive feedback and good post walk chat from our groups.

It’s always nice when you take people around their local area and they discover something new about where they live.

Wansey Street
Wansey Street
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Walworth Society Meeting About the Old Town Hall Last Night

It was like a scene from that sweetest of films about community, Local Hero. As I made my way along Liverpool Grove, I could see people ahead of me all walking into the church, the very lovely St Peter’s Walworth, according to one book I’ve read, the only building of architectural significance in Walworth. Strangely, I don’t agree. I don’t think many at last night’s meeting would either.
There was a good turn out, a testament to how people care about our neighbourhood, including a fair few councillors, and we filled the pews. Jeremy, chair of the Walworth Society, scampered about with a mike to make sure everyone could be heard.
The biggest cheer of the night was for a local resident, fan of the library and the Cuming museum, who is also a firefighter. He urged all present to go to the London Fire Brigade website and take part in the consultation. If the current proposals to close fire stations go ahead, six of the engines and their crew who helped to put out the fire at Walworth Town Hall will be axed. There will be a public meeting we are urged to attend at the GLA 14th May from seven to nine in the evening.

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