No Umbrella Required

More beautiful weather today. Someone in my group this afternoon when I was guiding was asking if this was summer. Hmmm. Not quite. I still had on my coat, and a couple of layers underneath.
But I did eat my lunch sitting in a small park in Drury Lane, between guiding in Westminster Abbey and the British Museum. I enjoyed the February sunshine and the blossom.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Continue reading “No Umbrella Required”

Parliament Guide Number One

Victoria Tower
Victoria Tower
I have been very lucky this week with my work; indoors when it has been raining – British Museum, Westminster Abbey – outside when it has been dry. Tomorrow is no exception. The forecast is for yet more rain. Some visitors believe this is what it is like all the time here. That, thank goodness, is not the case. Continue reading “Parliament Guide Number One”

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