How Was It For You? Some Endorsements

If you have enjoyed a walk with me, please do leave a comment below.



8 thoughts on “How Was It For You? Some Endorsements

  1. The very first walk I took with Isobel toured the outlines of the London Wall. Witty, knowledgeable, fond of a good puns and bad jokes, but devoted to her subject matter, Isobel the Tour Guide left me ready to follow her to any corner of London she cared to guide. Isobel takes me to parts of London I’ve only read about to hear of stories people I’ve rarely heard of – and brings them to life. In skillfully weaving the fading evidence of London Past into the constantly evolving London Present, Isobel gives me much to savor (and read up on) long after the guiding is over.

  2. We seek out Isobel’s walks before planning anything else for our journeys to London, for we know that wherever she is guiding a walk, she will keep us rapt! Every excursion with her is worthwhile!

  3. We thoroughly enjoyed Isobel’s London Wall walk. She was extremely engaging as well as clearly so knowledgeable about what she was talking about it seemed as if she were merely scratching the surface of her vast repertoire of facts. I was also particularly impressed at how she regularly read my mind, for example when we paused at a street corner and I wondered to myself why one street was called what it was called, she explained without my asking! Likewise, just as I was wondering who Sir John Cass was, out came her explanation!
    We thoroughly enjoyed Isobel’s company throughout the afternoon.

  4. We keep an eye open for Walks with Isobel – always a great two hours. Isobel takes what she does seriously but herself more lightly. Walk hangs together well, lots of info and special tidbits.
    Keep up the great work

  5. We were fortunate enough to enjoy the company and wisdom of Isobel on two London Walks in April. First was the tour of the Bermondsey area, ending near the Shard and the Borough Market. This is a less known part of London, and we previously only knew it from the Bermondsey Antique Market, which had nothing to do with the tour. We also toured the British Museum with Isobel. The museum would have been a daunting experience without Isobel’s guidance. Her enthusiasm for and knowledge of the exhibits is wonderful. We loved Isobel’s dry humor and her knowledge and passion for what she does. Well done!!

  6. Hello, I saw Isobel’s Elephant and Castle tour. While it was designed for 1.5hrs, she was generous with her time and it took over 2 hours. We did not want to leave. This is an important tour with the regeneration of the Elephant. She is highly knowledgeable and it was easy to follow. I love how Isobel is easy to talk to and we felt at ease in asking her questions. Thanks again for running a spectacular tourl.

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