Waterloo Station and the Stiffs’ Express

This episode is taken from a walk I do around The Cut, Lower Marsh and Waterloo. The arrival of the railway did more than open up the country and allow people to travel further in a day than ever before, it also meant dead Londoners could be buried in cemeteries miles from the capital, their bodies transported by the Necropolis railway.

It’s all in the name: how a neighbourhood’s name and street names can reveal its history

The Beehive

Street names can tell us much about our neighbourhoods’ histories. This podcast is about some streets in my neighbourhood of Walworth, with a brief foray into Camberwell, and how a county cricket club came into being.

Kennington Park se11 Podcast

I have put up a new podcast about Kennington Park, a green space close to my home. You can hear it by clicking this link.

Kennington Park covers fifteen acres, it was south London’s first park. During London’s lockdown it continues to provide welcome open space for flat dwellers and dog walkers, families and fitness fanatics, nature lovers and casual walkers, in short everyone looking for a beautiful outside space to exercise.

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